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Monday, December 18, 2023

Want to read something just for fun over winter break? The Law Library has you covered!

 For those of you staying in the Twin Cities over break, consider spending some time exploring the Hedin Law, Literature & the Arts Collection. Located just inside the wooden doors on the second floor of the Law Library, the Law and Literature collection features all kinds of law-related fiction, ranging from Kafka’s The Trial to Grisham’s The Firm. The collection also features law-related television series and films on DVD (including adaptations of the two works mentioned in the previous sentence.) 

If you’re heading somewhere else for winter break, stop by before you take off to pick up something to read on the plane–think of how fancy and cultured you’d look flipping through a physical, analog book!

Judge on plane reading The Trial by Kafka
(Image generated by DALL-E)

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