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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bloomberg, Lexis & Westlaw Access for Continuing & Graduating Students

Access over summer and beyond

Bloomberg Law

Graduating Students have continued access to Bloomberg Law for 6 mos. after graduation.
Continuing Student  have continued access to Bloomberg Law over the summer.


Graduating Students have continued to access to Lexis Advance through Dec. 31, 2016.  Rewards points must be redeemed by June 30, 2016. On July 1st the graduates’ view of the Lexis Law School Home Page will switch from their current view to the graduate view. This new view will provide helpful information for their careers and job search.

Continuing Students have continued access to Lexis Advance over the summer. More Details


Graduating Students, Grad Elite Program
Spring graduates log into Westlaw and complete the Grad Survey to see if you qualify for the Grad Elite Program. Qualifying students are provided 60 hours of Westlaw access per month (June - November). Regardless of when extension is requested, extended Westlaw access ends in November.

Westlaw Access after November
After the Grad Elite Extension, students will have 1 hour of limited access per month (snippets only) for 12 months, as well as access to job search related databases such as Westlaw Legal Directory, Profiler and the Almanace of the Federal Judiciary for 1 year.

Grad Access Outside the Grad Elite Program (Job Search)
Graduating 3Ls who do not take the Grad Survey and all graduating LL.M.s (LL.M.s do not qualify for the Grad Elite Program); will have 1 hour of limited access to Westlaw per month (snippets only) for 18 months.

Continuing Students
Log into Westlaw and click on the summer extension banner. Students can extend their passwords for summer access if they participate in one of these activities:
  • Summer law school classes and study abroad programs
  • Law review & journal (including write-on competitions)
  • Research assistant
  • Moot court
  • Unpaid internship/externship

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